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Have You Checked Your Emergency Medical First Aid Kit? Prepare Now!

Would You Start Using Foot Pads

Many people are curious to know about the benefits of foot patches nowadays.  Detox foot pads are the type of foot patches that people are interested to learn about because of the many claims of its good effect to one’s health without doing much routine. There are growing numbers of manufacturers making foot pads although there is no scientific and medical study or research on its effectiveness and treatment yet many people still avail of this product because of its positive effect after trying to use it.

The foot patch is alleged to have similar and the same effect with activated charcoal where it removes the toxins from the body.  The elements of these foot patches are herbs and plants which are not harmful thus safe to use.  Basically, it is very simple to use, all you have to do is attach the foot patch on your both feet before going to bed at night and simply remove it in the morning.  You will notice that the foot patch will not be of the same color anymore when you remove it and according to the manufacturers those are the toxins that are removed and withdrawn from the body. You are supposed to do this for a certain period of time to cleanse the body.

The reason why people are skeptical about the product is because it is not the first product that has claimed to work well without scientific proof.  There are many products that do not work at all but since it has placebo effect, people assume that they are effective and can treat them.  This is very common and rampant nowadays so if you really want to know what works, then you can wait for the scientific proof and get the result before buying something that may not be really beneficial to you.

Ear Candle/Ear Candling: An Alternative Therapy – Its Controversy

The medical  occupation has gradually included alternative applications to their patients as element of rehabilitative therapy. First hand, it is non-conventional but inexpensive. Next, these therapies target numerous discomforts. Just for instance is acupuncture. Through this treatment, chi is assumed to flow naturally after the session causing relief from minor discomfort namely headache, body malaise or fever. However, An ancient treatment called Ear Candling has placed controversial concerns over medical practitioners and patients alike.

Ancient cultures, incuding Asians and Native Americans use Ear Candling way before 2000 B.C. It is not a new  alternative therapy. Some practitioners of this age now recommend ear candling sessions which are said to treat discomforts as well.  The therapy is done with a special kind of candle, which is know as Ear Candle.  This is a hollow candle made of muslin cloth soaked in paraffin or bees wax. The ear candle is to be insert to a plate with a hole. The plate has double purpose, to cover the face in case of falling candle debris and to balance the candle through therapy.


The treatment follows a vacuum mechanism. The heat and the hollow from the ear candle helps in the generation of the vacuum. It gradually sucks out the earwax, toxin, and pressure from the ears and sinuses. It is not painful nor uncomfortable. 


This simple and time proven treatment can be very effective in ear wax removal, for sinus pressure, tinnitus, TMJ syndorme etc. A lot of people confirm and attest  the value of ear candling in cleansing the ear canals and sinus passages which make them comfortable.

The Debate:

In 2006 or 2007, Ear candling has become popular.  Because of media and different advertisements, many people are convinced and attracted to use it. Most of them attest of its beneficial effect in human body.  Actually, many are impressed with the holistic results after the treatment.  However, known medical research journals have shown that the practise is both ineffective and dangerous and may damage ear anatomy. Because of this , FDA disproves its practice, but  inspite of negative research results, no account of any ear injuries has been reported  caused by ear candling.

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Do You Check Your Emergency First Aid Kit? Be Prepared! - Paul Saunders Do You Check Your Emergency First Aid...

Do You Check Your Emergency First Aid Kit? Be Prepared!

Think of the various places  you and your family and even friends go every day;  maybe you are at home, at work, in the school, on vacation, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, playing ball games, engage in different and various  activities.  Anywhere and anytime, member of the family or loved one or even you can get hurt or be a victim of life threatening situation.

It is not a matter when it will happen or if it happens but we are all aware that it can happen any moment while driving, working or in any activities we are doing.  It can give us  feeling of fear, anxiety and unequipped… moreover even shocked.

Every tick of the clock someone is in need of first aid and it is an inevitable truth of life for parents, young adults and children, caregivers for elders, campers, hikers, sailors, co-workers, athletes, emergency responders, in  other words every person in all walks of life.  Do you have what you need to address the emergency when someone asks your assistance or if you are in the situation to receive help before the paramedics and professional help come?

Questions You Need to Answer to Make Sure You’re Prepared

If you have an Emergency Medical First Aid Kit:

1.  Have you checked the expiry dates of the perishable items?  Have you replaced the items which you already consumed?

2.  Have you check what are lacking so you can replace what you have used?

If purchased a cheaper emergency first aid kit (because you want to save a little bit)
3.  Does it offer sufficient and important items to care for more than a bleeding knee or an imbedded fragment?
4.   Is it complete with necessary items that you and your family will need like prescription drugs, remedies for headaches, allergy, asthma, diabetic supplies, etc.) in case  you’ll  be stuck  up or stores close due to inclement weather or for whatever reason?

5.   Are you familiar what is inside a professional first-responder’s “took kit?  Do you have the same items as your personal first aid kit and how to use them correctly?

Any moment you can become the first line of aid or defense after a turmoil, injury, accident, illness or allergic reaction.  You can quickly become more confident and prepare to fulfill the unexpected role which may be assigned to you with the proper tools and some easy to remember information and techniques.

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