Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Do You Check Your Emergency First Aid Kit? Be Prepared!

Think of the various places  you and your family and even friends go every day;  maybe you are at home, at work, in the school, on vacation, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, playing ball games, engage in different and various  activities.  Anywhere and anytime, member of the family or loved one or even you can get hurt or be a victim of life threatening situation.

It is not a matter when it will happen or if it happens but we are all aware that it can happen any moment while driving, working or in any activities we are doing.  It can give us  feeling of fear, anxiety and unequipped… moreover even shocked.

Every tick of the clock someone is in need of first aid and it is an inevitable truth of life for parents, young adults and children, caregivers for elders, campers, hikers, sailors, co-workers, athletes, emergency responders, in  other words every person in all walks of life.  Do you have what you need to address the emergency when someone asks your assistance or if you are in the situation to receive help before the paramedics and professional help come?

Questions You Need to Answer to Make Sure You’re Prepared

If you have an Emergency Medical First Aid Kit:

1.  Have you checked the expiry dates of the perishable items?  Have you replaced the items which you already consumed?

2.  Have you check what are lacking so you can replace what you have used?

If purchased a cheaper emergency first aid kit (because you want to save a little bit)
3.  Does it offer sufficient and important items to care for more than a bleeding knee or an imbedded fragment?
4.   Is it complete with necessary items that you and your family will need like prescription drugs, remedies for headaches, allergy, asthma, diabetic supplies, etc.) in case  you’ll  be stuck  up or stores close due to inclement weather or for whatever reason?

5.   Are you familiar what is inside a professional first-responder’s “took kit?  Do you have the same items as your personal first aid kit and how to use them correctly?

Any moment you can become the first line of aid or defense after a turmoil, injury, accident, illness or allergic reaction.  You can quickly become more confident and prepare to fulfill the unexpected role which may be assigned to you with the proper tools and some easy to remember information and techniques.

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