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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First Aid Kit to the Rescue when Travelling

Planning a trip this holiday period? Have you packed your outdoor first aid kit? If not then do that on a priority as accidents do not happen with a warning. When the holiday season starts and even before that, people start planning for a vacation and the hot spots are sure to get crowded once the holidays start. When large numbers of people travel to favorite destinations, accidents are sure to happen and to help you during these accidents is an emergency first aid kit. A first aid kit should always be kept along with your belongings during traveling as you never known what you may need out of it when you are away from home.

Safety measures should be taken when driving during the holiday season. Roads could be slippery due to snow in winter or during summers; the sun may be too harsh to give you a sun stroke. Driving slowly and safely is the right thing to do and if at all an accident does take place, a travel first aid kit should be kept handy in the glove box of your car. Keep an antiseptic cream, a bandage and some cotton in your first aid kit in case of hurt during a car accident.

When out and about camping during your vacation, an outdoor first aid kit should be kept in your van. Camping areas are usually near a river or a forest. As these surroundings may be new to you, you may get hurt doing activities in these areas. Forests are full of bugs and insects, you may not be aware of and a bite from one of the insects can be harmful. A travel first aid kit would be helpful in such cases and antiseptics and creams can be used from the kit to lessen the pain from insect bites. If you are to go for fishing, many people get cuts and bruises on their fingers and hands. An emergency first aid kit would be helpful in treating these wounds. It is wise to go fishing with a group of people, as in case of emergency, your friends would help you. Forests and jungles can be enjoyed better with a group of people.

When you are traveling with children a kids first aid kit is essential. Kids take time to adjust to new environments and hence can catch an infection or may fall sick due to weather change. Their regular medicines should be kept in the kids first aid kit and they would be helpful in case of an emergency. Another measure you can take is by keeping the doctor's number handy when traveling with kids. In case something drastic does happen, you can contact the doctor and get advice.

Kits needs to include regular antiseptic creams and lotions, anti-bug creams, sunscreen lotion, sterilized cotton, bandage gauze, medications for headaches, pains, ointments for sprains and muscle pulls, etc. The list can be endless and you can make your own list as per your needs. Travel safe and make use of the kit when needed.