Thursday, 26 April 2012

Would You Start Using Foot Pads

Many people are curious to know about the benefits of foot patches nowadays.  Detox foot pads are the type of foot patches that people are interested to learn about because of the many claims of its good effect to one’s health without doing much routine. There are growing numbers of manufacturers making foot pads although there is no scientific and medical study or research on its effectiveness and treatment yet many people still avail of this product because of its positive effect after trying to use it.

The foot patch is alleged to have similar and the same effect with activated charcoal where it removes the toxins from the body.  The elements of these foot patches are herbs and plants which are not harmful thus safe to use.  Basically, it is very simple to use, all you have to do is attach the foot patch on your both feet before going to bed at night and simply remove it in the morning.  You will notice that the foot patch will not be of the same color anymore when you remove it and according to the manufacturers those are the toxins that are removed and withdrawn from the body. You are supposed to do this for a certain period of time to cleanse the body.

The reason why people are skeptical about the product is because it is not the first product that has claimed to work well without scientific proof.  There are many products that do not work at all but since it has placebo effect, people assume that they are effective and can treat them.  This is very common and rampant nowadays so if you really want to know what works, then you can wait for the scientific proof and get the result before buying something that may not be really beneficial to you.

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