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Rest and Revitalize - The Ear Candle Way

Ear candling, a natural alternative therapy promotes mental as well as physical well-being.  It is a long time practice that offers a large range of medical benefits.  This alternative therapy has a relaxing and soothing effect.

How to use ear candles?

An ear candle is a hollow cone impregnated with paraffin or beeswax about 6 inches to 15 inches long.  One end is inserted into the ear canal and lighting the other end.  The procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes and is a safe method for in-ear cleansing.  This delicate process needs carefulness and caution thus must be done by an expertise.

A relaxed atmosphere should be attained before performing an ear candling. Let the patient lie down on one side in a relaxed position with a pillow.  The experience is more intense if the eyes are kept closed and a soft music can be played while performing this. Now you sit on a chair by the patient’s head. Lit the ear candle and tenderly put the non burning end of the ear candle  into the outer ear passage.  Upon hearing a crackling and hissing sound, you know the ear candle is in right place.  In the last stage, the heat flow increases. The ear candle is burnt up to one cm only and the remaining ear candle is carefully removed.

What are the benefits of ear candling?

This ancient treatment is used to alleviate numerous medical troubles like sinus infections, ear aches, sinus pain, tinnitus, headaches and vertigo or dizziness.  Many people who experienced this procedure say that they get a feeling of comfort during and after the process.  This balancing therapy assists in promoting an enhanced state of health by reducing stress and tension and invigorating your physical as well as mental health.

What kind of ear candles to use?

There are numerous different types of ear candles that vary in form, size and consistency. Selecting the correct type of ear candles can make your experience pleasant and impressive.

Beeswax ear candles: These candles are prepared from natural wax produced in the hives. They are natural, burn longer and cleaner than any other ear candle. The flame emits negative ions to clean the air and invigorate the body. It is sticky, naturally scented, it is considered as the best ear candle as it does not drip, releases negative ions and has a clean burn.

Paraffin ear candles: These are the more inexpensive alternative to beeswax. It burns clear and has no scent. The disadvantage of paraffin wax candle is that it does not burn completely and therefore clogs the tip of the candle.

Soy ear candles: Soy is mixed with other harder wax to create an ear candle. Usually soy is mixed with beeswax as an alternative to 100% expensive beeswax. The most common disadvantage with soy ear candles is that they create more heat than paraffin or beeswax because of low melting point. Hence, it creates a warmer temperature inside the ear.

Where to buy ear candles?

Ear candles can be bought from online websites. Many companies offer discounts on bulk purchase from their website.

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