Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Detox foot pads for assist with New Year removal of toxins

Christmas season and the New Year is a wonderful season when even the most health-conscious let down their hair and savor partying, drinking and eating their favorite foods and drinks. Great cakes, intoxicating drinks and delicious food are what enter the stomach in these days of merriment.

It is after all the gatherings are finished that the 'hangover' of the holidays sets in. Some people gain a couple of lbs ., some go into depression thinking of the work they have to return to after all the partying and others just want to detox their selves after eating a huge amount of food and ingesting so many beverages.

The main problem is, not many people can afford to take a few more days for detoxification purposes; they have their day to day routines to return to and their duties to attend to. This is where and why detox foot patches have grown so popular. These detox foot pads are so easy and cheap to use for detoxification, an increasing number of people are using it today.

Detox foot patches function while you sleep

These foot patches are nothing but square-shaped adhesive patches that have to be attached to the bottom of the feet before sleeping, and let there throughout the night. While you sleep, these foot pads provide an outlet for all the toxic waste accumulated in your body through the environment, medicine you take and of course, the food you eat and the drinks you drink.

Toxins that the detox foot patches eliminate are the very same toxins that make you feel stressed, fatigued and suffer from so many health problems. The greatest benefit of using these detox foot pads for detoxification after your Christmas and New Year partying is that you just have to wear them before sleeping at night.

This means you need not waste or spend any time for detoxification. The foot patches take care of detoxifying your body while you normally sleep at night. After the detoxification process, your body undergoes an overall body cleanse that provides relief from the stress, restlessness and uneasiness you felt after all that partying.

Certainly no mess

In addition, unlike other detoxification methods, these foot pads don't create any mess while detoxifying your system. There are no messy liquids or ointments to apply on the foot patch before application. You just have to stick the foot pad to your foot before sleeping, and take a good night's sleep while patch works wonders to your system.

Apart from all these benefits, another reason for the increased popularity of these foot patches is its reasonable and affordable costs. All you have to spend is 30 - 40 dollars for a box of detox foot patches, which is very reasonable considering the fact that it leaves you feeling, so relaxed and cleansed faster its detoxification.

And if you want to feel extra fresh and relaxed after all that holidaying and partying, club in some yoga and exercise with your detoxification regime. If possible, avoid some processed and heavy food and of course, alcohol for some time to ensure a thorough and complete detoxification after Christmas and New Year using detox foot patches.

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